When Things Don’t Go The Way We Planned

When Things Don’t Go The Way We Plan

As I’m typing these words, the last hours of 2016 are slipping away. I can’t help but feel a little tingling feeling in my stomach. Is it excitement? The wonderful feeling of starting something anew?

My last few weeks of 2016 are quite chaotic, as my whole family got caught up in the turmoil of sickness, our original plans of celebration are put to a halt. Needless to say, it was quite a disappointment for us, as this is the first year we get to celebrate in our own apartment for the holidays.
Instead of being bathed in the Christmas mood, sipping hot wine and singing Christmas Carols together, we spent a week in bed, between the constant crying and agitation of our baby and our own discomfort.
Oh, well, things weren’t really so bad, we did have a great Christmas luncheon with the grandparents, and we are all getting much better as I type away.

But that got me thinking, how do we deal with disappointment when things don’t really go the way we planned?

I recently bought a picture book for my son, the title is Peppa’s Christmas Wish from the Peppa Pig’s series. He loves it so much he is always urging me to read it again.

I’m amazed that I’m about to say this, but I think Peppa Pig has got the answer to the question.

The storyline goes something like this: Peppa Pig made a wish that Santa would visit her on Christmas day, but on the day itself, not only did Santa not show up, she also found that everyone around her got their presents delivered except for her. Peppa was so sad and thought that Santa has forgotten her. It turns out that Santa has overlooked Peppa’s present at the bottom of his sack so he quickly hurried back, and while making the late delivery, he also visited Peppa’s family as well.

So Peppa Pig got her Christmas wish after all – Santa did visit her on Christmas Day, only not in the same way as she imagined. Sometimes, things might have some unexpected twists and turns that seem like disappointment to us at first, but if we just hang on a little longer, our dream might really come true, but perhaps in a totally different way.

So my friends, dream big — and if your dreams aren’t coming true yet, hang on a little bit longer, you might be surprised at what may be coming your way.


Have a great start of 2017,



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