Washable Rug: Part.2 – DIY Your Own Version


In the last post, we’ve talked about the idea of washable rug and how hard it is to find them.

And as I ended the post stating my doubts about DIY projects that look misleadingly easy and yet painstakingly difficult to accomplish, I would like to start this post by telling you that please, do not attempt to make a DIY rug if you A) Do not like sewing, B) Can find something that already exist in the market.

The reason I say this is after calculating, I find that the cost for the project is quite high.

Fabric cost: 75€ + Rug pad : 23€ = roughly 100€

The cost of buying one is around 168€ (on Ruggable, excluding shipping fee), which is worth it considering the time that you will be spending. And the quality is reassured.

But if you are a true DIY enthusiast or you are looking for a customisable size like me, then by all means, let’s begin!

DIY Washable Rug



Preparation Time:

Sourcing the fabric – 3 hours

Making it takes – roughly 4 hours

What you need:

– A heavy fabric for upholstery or curtain

Non-Slip Rug Pad

– Scissors

– Sewing machine + Tread

–  Cotton Twill Tape or an Overlock Machine

Step 1

First of all, you have to source your fabric. In order to have a high quality hand-feel, try to find something that feels a bit like velvet, but be careful as some velvet cannot be washed in machine, so what you need is a fabric that is washable with a great hand-feel.

After many visits to the fabric store, I found these fabrics that are suitable for the job:



I have 3 criteria when choosing the right fabric for my rug:

1) 280cm in width (Because I’m making a 190 x 260cm, I need a large-width fabric, but there are very few choices. Choose according to the size you need.)

2) a jacquard that has some velvet threads weaved in between

3) washable at 30℃


I bought some samples back home and narrowed down my options to these:


We finally decided to take a safe bet and went with the light grey one on the right that is more uniformed in pattern. Plus, this pattern will be so much easier for me to work with as it provides a grid to cut and sew. Very important if you have problems with straight lines like me, it saved me a lot of time measuring.


Rug Pad:

For the rug pad underneath, I ordered on amazon a non-slip washable felt/foam material that has sticky technology. It sticks very firmly to the floor and to your fabric. I’m not sure if it sticks as well after washing (at 30℃), but I probably won’t wash it as much if my washable rug is kept clean all the time.



Step 2

Wash your fabric beforehand at 30℃ to ensure that it won’t shrink in future washings.


Step 3

Lay the fabric down and test the size that you want. Simply tuck the excess underneath to get a rough idea.

Once decided, leave a seam allowance of 1,5cm (1/2”) around the actual size and cut away the excess.


Step 4

Lay your fabric on top of your rug pad.

Roughly trim the rug pad so that it remains a little bigger than the size of your fabric.


Step 5

Sew the Cotton Twill Tape all around the edge


Overlock stitch the edge with an overlock machine.



Step 6

Fold the seam allowance to the back and stitch it down.


For the corners, I opted for the easy way out and did it like this.



Step 7

Congratulations! Your rug is sewn!

Lay your new rug down onto the rug pad again and smoothen it out.

It takes a long time for me because it sticks to the fabric very tightly. Be patient and slowly smooth out the wrinkles.

#Tip: Do not pull or stretch your rug too tight , it makes the rug pad below wrinkle. Simply smooth it out gently.


Step 8

Trim the rug pad down to really match the size of your rug. Just make sure it’s a little smaller than the rug so it won’t show.


And that’s it.

You have your new rug! Hooray!


There you go. The whole process takes roughly 1 day.

The results are fantastic, my son loves it so much and we hang out often playing together on the floor. It is not thick like a normal rug, but it is thick enough for us to feel comfortable on the floor.


It has been 2 weeks and it passed the baby crawling test and the vacuuming test. I even had my family stayed over and with all the passage it didn’t even move a bit.

The one tiny dissatisfaction I have with the rug is that even though I chose a heavy fabric, it is still not thick enough to cover the minor wrinkles that the rug pad makes. I could have doubled the fabric with something else, but I think I am happy enough to let it stay as it is for now and maybe, if time permits, improve it in the future.


à la vie aujourd’hui,




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