Washable Rug: Part. 1 – Why is it so hard to find?


I didn’t always like rugs.

I am a little allergic to carpets and dust, and the thought of having something that attracts and holds so much dust on my floor is quite unbearable.

However, winter in Paris is better off with a rug. Especially we spend so much time playing on the floor nowadays with a baby, having a rug makes the room much more cosier and physically warmer.

I stumbled upon a couple of pins and had an amazing discovery of “washable rugs”. The idea is so liberating and the thought of being able to throw it in the machine regularly made me feel the triumphant moment where you finally find the solution to your problem after 100 trials and errors.

I decided silently in my head that: yes, we should get a washable rug.

The Washable Rug Hunt


So I went on the adventure of hunting for a washable rug a few months ago. There are 2 companies I found that do them (I’ve listed them below).

And that’s it. Two companies and nothing more!

What a strange phenomena, am I the only one who need to wash my rug whenever I want?

(Before I go any further, let’s be clear that I’m looking for a large size area rug that can be put in the living room, not small area mats the size of bath mats. Those you can easily find and you have a large selection from kitchen runners to door mats.)

I searched on the internet for other design blogs that have talked about the same topic. But at the end of the 3rd google page I gave up. All the blogs only pointed to the two companies that I already knew.

Without further ado, here are the two applauded companies that we’ve been talking about:

1. Lorena Canals rugs are made of 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. They have been around for 15 years and specialises in children rugs. The company is also socially responsible and provide schooling for children in India.

2. Ruggable philosophy is established on the 2-Piece Rug System that consists of a machine-wash dry cover and a nonslip pad with Cling Effect™ Technology that keeps the cover attached to the rug pad. Simply assemble the two and you get a solid non-slip rug.

They both look very professional and trustworthy, and I was very tempted to try them. I was looking into them seriously and here is the bummer in the story: they both do rugs in fixed dimensions, like most of the other regular rug companies.

My living room is a bit strange in size and I need a roughly 190 x 260 cm rug (6’x8’) which, I think, does not exist anywhere in the charts of regular rug measurements.

None of the 2 companies do custom sizes for the time being. Except for Ruggable, who seem to be developing on the idea as they have a custom page that is temporarily blank.

Disappointed by this outcome, I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore the possibilities of making my own rug.

The Journey of DIYing a Washable Rug


I have much reservations about DIY projects.

After many attempts at some easy-looking DIY Tutorials on Pinterest, I have to admit that most of the time they are not as easy as they look. With the rare ones that actually turned out fine, my passion was largely cooled off by the enormous amount of time and effort these projects demand.

However, when you see something that you made displaying in your home that is both functional and beautiful, it is tremendously gratifying. But the rest of the times, I truly believe that it will save you a lot of unnecessary effort to buy things from artisans who have been doing it for years. What’s more, they know their work and should be paid fairly for what they make. 

But this time, I have no choice, so I got to work. I began my project by trying to find the most promising DIY rug tutorial there is.

Here are a couple that I really like. If you are interested, click over to have a look:

NO SEW DIY FLOOR CLOTH by Vintage Revival

MAKE YOUR OWN ROPE RUG by A Beautiful Mess

Some people are really meant to be DIYers, they take pleasure out of making things, like the above bloggers.

For me, I take pleasure out of designing functional and stylish products. Making them is just part of the job, as they are most of the time based on things that I cannot easily find.

If you are interested, I’m posting my own version of DIY Rug the next time, so stay tuned!


à la vie aujourd’hui,




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