Tired Moms VS High Heels

The other day I was in the metro (subway/tube) and I saw a mother came on board the train pushing a pram.

Even though her baby was just a couple of months old so she must have given birth not too long ago, she was in a pretty good shape. It was an extremely hot day, she had on this mid-sleeve floral-print dress, hair neatly tied up, and — suspense — a pair of 10 cm heels.

It looked so effortless the way she handled the pram, the baby and the shaky train, it was as though her heels were the most comfortable shoes in the world.

I looked down at my old Nike sneakers and started screaming inside.

How does she do it??? I didn’t have my son with me but I was still prancing around in the running shoes that I’ve bought during my pregnancy. Courage fails me every morning when I wanted to reach for my heels. The thought of having a tired-mind and a tired-body makes having a pair of tired-feet, too, incredibly overwhelming.

Why? Why is having a kid so exhausting? Jesus.

We had a friends gathering the other day and a friend without child (yet) asked me how I was. I started telling him about my fatigue, how I feel tired all the time and he gave me a curious look and asked: “Tired because of the summer heat?”

It was such an unexpected question that I took some time to reflect on it afterwards. It’s true that when you don’t have a child, you probably wouldn’t realise how energy consuming that is. But is that true for all the parents in the world? Or is it just me who complain constantly of my child-fatigue?

Back to the lady on the train.

She did it.

She had the courage to wear those heels, disregarding the notorious Parisian metro stairs, with a pram.

Ah! French women. Maybe they do have some secret tricks after all.

I remember vaguely in the earlier chapters of my life (when I was young and naive and still capable of partying until 3am), I used to aspire to be the elegant and composed mom wearing heels, pushing her baby down the street.

But — I refuse to believe that is a lost dream! So I did what any other ladies would do under the circumstance: I went shoe-shopping.

I was convinced that finding a pair of comfortable heels will allow me to reintegrate into womanhood.

I began comparing different shoe brands and models online and went into shops to try them out. Trust me, it really wasn’t as fun as it sounds, trying on shoes in a shop is a sweaty and unnerving experience, contrary to what a chick flick might tell you.

When one has undergone the Konmari Method and has developed a stronger awareness of choosing a good product, finding a pair of comfortable yet stylish heels suddenly feels like moving mountains.

A few years ago I used to have this impulse to buy every pair of good-looking shoes I see regardless of its comfortability or practicality, most of them high-heeled. I ended up donating a bunch of them after repeatedly confirming with myself that they do not sparkle joy. Why? Because I wasn’t comfortable while wearing them.

When comfortability became my first priority, no high heels came close enough to the perfection I was looking for.

But in order to end my article with a solution for the problem like every other articles on my blog, I present you the following image:

So this is what I’ve learnt so far. Even though it sounds a little like common sense, you may be surprised to know I’ve only realised these things recently. I think there a lot of people like me who consider heels to be either 0 or 10, neglecting that small heels of 5 cm can also change the way you walk and improve the silhouette of your legs.

There are many considerations in choosing a pair of comfortable heels, it doesn’t only depend on the height of the heels itself. I am sure in time I will find other shoes higher than 5 cm that are also comfortable. The shape of the heel, the support of the palm …etc etc, all these add up to the comfortability of the shoe.

But if I want to keep up with my active lifestyle and still be able to run around with my kid, I think I’ll just stick with the 5 cm heel for now.

Never would I want to be distracted from the precious moments with friends and family just to keep my balance while walking, or stain the memory of those moments with the faint association of pain from my feet.


à la vie aujourd’hui,






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