Pumpkin Leek and Feta Quiche

Pumpkin Leek and Feta Quiche

It is the 31st October, which makes me feel a little obliged to write something on Halloween. I have never really properly celebrated this day before, costume-parties aside. So with my lack of experience on trick or treating and carving jack-o’-lanterns, I decided to write about the one thing I know slightly better: pumpkin.

I don’t even know a lot about pumpkins, really, but since my son started eating real food, smashed pumpkins are on the list of suitable food, and its presence in our household is slightly more elevated than before.

So today, I’m introducing the Pumpkin Leek and Feta Quiche. Honestly, a quiche is something quite easy to make, and it’s very well adaptable to a busy household.

Recipe Pumpkin Leek and Feta Quiche


**This website shows a pretty good guide to blind bake your pastry beforehand. 


Notice that I didn’t add any seasoning to the quiche during preparations. We usually add the salt on our own plates so that we can share the same dish with our baby, he loves eating the filling and we smash up the leek and pumpkins with fork and knife so he can digest easily. I’ll advise to leave out the pastry when feeding as there is too much butter.


Bon appétit!



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