Keyboard Protection Cover

Two weeks ago I ordered a new Keyboard Protection Cover and it got me thinking about this product that I have been using since a few years. It has so fully integrated into my life, if not for the occasional glances I get when I work in coffee shops, I would have totally stopped noticing its existence.

My old one was too old and it sort of disintegrated. It was a shocking pink (thus attracting some attention), so this time I went with a more subtle golden colour in hope of gaining some discreetness and maturity.

Why you should use a keyboard cover


In between my old and my new cover, the absence of the rubbery hand feel has suddenly made me become aware of the keyboard’s nakedness and vulnerability. Whenever I approach my laptop with a cup of coffee I get extra nervous to not spill it over.

If you have never used a keyboard protection cover, I strongly encourage you to get one because your keyboard is really much safer when protected. Dust and crap will not be able to get trapped and mess up your keys, your keyboard will be a whole lot easier to clean, preventing it from being the breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

The protection cover also protects your keyboard from too much wear and tear. If you ever thought about reselling your computer and upgrading to a new one, you might want to keep your keyboard from looking too worn out.

Choosing my keyboard cover


When I was about to make my order online, I read the critics as usual, just to ensure myself that I made the right purchase. This is a habit I have formed lately since starting to furnish my new apartment. The cost of buying the wrong product is too high so I would rather spend more time researching it beforehand.

I stumbled across a professional looking article that talks about this product, and it recommends buying some big brands that were tested by some professional looking people. The products they recommend are not very expensive, but they are relatively much more expensive than the golden silicone cover I was about to order.

In short, they discourage readers to buy covers that are on the cheap side because of their durability and their hand feel. Cheap covers are generally too thin to be durable and they might stick to your fingers when you are frantically typing away on a hot day.

I stopped and pondered upon my awaiting purchase.

This golden keyboard cover costs 2,50€ so it’s definitely the cheap version and may last much less than the bigger brand ones.

My last pink one cost about 12€ and it lasted for 3 years. So it means even if the new one last less than a year, it is still relatively cheaper if I change it every year.

And above all, who am I kidding? I am buying it for the colour. I really superficially like the golden colour.

So I decided to give my 2€ keyboard cover a shot.

Product review


After 2 weeks of usage, my cheap cover is working well and it fits well with my keyboard. I am generally quite satisfied except for 2 downsides:

  1. It is thinner than my previous cover and on some of the bigger keys, the cover does not lay completely flat.
  2. The golden colour seem to be less resistant to usage, I am guessing that the colour will be worn out more easily than my last one.

One advantage of this cover is that since it is less thick, it also obstructs less when my screen is closed. And once again, I love the subtle golden keys. The colour is exactly as I imagined.

But if I were to buy another cover again, I would probably buy one that cost more but with a better quality so as to be a more responsible consumer.

Things to consider


Before you dive in and buy yourself a keyboard cover, there are some points to consider:

  1. If you own a retina screen, it is apparently not recommended in risk of damaging the display.
  2. Pay attention to the different types of keyboards, whether it’s for qwerty or azerty or others.
  3. If you choose a coloured version like me, the backlit light may not shine through as strongly as the transparent ones.
  4. The oil left by your hand on the cover may in turn stick onto the screen when it is closed, making your screen oily more often than before.


à la vie aujourd’hui,




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