How To Fall In Love With Vacuuming For People Who Hates To Vacuum

One of the things that becomes utmost important when you have a kid is keeping the floor clean all the time.

It all started when I got pregnant. Probably out of fear and guilt of being judged as a bad parent, I was suddenly filled with this unknown desire to keep everything as clean as possible.

The daunting task of vacuuming became our forever weekend activity, when we just couldn’t pretend to ignore the layers of dust that accumulated anymore. I dreaded vacuuming, but I didn’t understand what was so dreadful about it.

I actually quite enjoy the satisfying sensation of picking up all the dust and leaving a clean surface behind.

So out of a casual habit, I did an analysis on the situation (I applied the “Design Thinking Process” without knowing it at that time). It went something like this:

  1. Why do I dislike vacuuming? —> because it is troublesome to take out the vacuum cleaner and install it.
  2. Why is it troublesome? —> because it is heavy and I’m tired already after pulling out the cable.

After a few such questions, I realised that I didn’t really dislike vacuuming, the true problems that bugged me was 1) the installation process each time beforehand and 2) having to drag the heavy machine around and tripping onto the cable while doing so.

So the Design Challenge for me became “Finding The Right Cordless Vacuum Cleaner”.

I went to a shop and took a look at what was available on the market. After testing out a few, I was the most impressed by the [Electrolux Ergorapido 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Sweeper]. It was extremely easy to steer and glides everywhere effortlessly.

I’m not trying to do a brochure for Electrolux here so I’ll keep it simple.

In short, we fell in love with Ergorapido intensely at the beginning, but our relationship lasted for a short 18 months before its definitive break down:

With the deception from the Ergorapido, we were thrown once again into the cycle of researching for another vacuum cleaner, this time paying more attention to the battery life.

I have always knew Dyson to be a great brand but have resisted the temptation because of the high cost. It just feels wrong to spend 600€ on a vacuum cleaner.

But after a bit of research, I ultimately found a slightly less expensive model that I’m willing to try on:

I’m starting to fall in love with this brand, it’s a little like Apple in the electrical appliances world. I’m sure the newer models must be even more wondrous, but we’re really happy with our Dyson DC 62 and that’s enough for us for now.

I know the above reasonings might seem like common sense that everyone already knew, but putting it down in a report format makes it all the more clearer for me and I realise that sometimes, it is worth every penny to buy something more expensive that comes with a longer life-span and a greater user experience. But sometimes, we might get tricked into spending more for a mediocre effect.

Ah, life is complicated.

But at least for now, my vacuum problem is solved!


à la vie aujourd’hui,




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