A Revelation on Dust Bunnies and Furniture Legs

The difficulty of vacuuming under a low leg sofa couch

I have this Ikea FÖRHÖJA Kitchen Trolley (picture below) that was handed down from a friend. We’ve used it in our old home for a couple of years now, and since we don’t have enough furniture for our new home, we brought it along to temporarily fill the space where we hope to install a breakfast bar in the future.

Ikea FÖRHÖJA Kitchen Trolley

To be honest, I’ve always had problems arranging our stock in it. The dimension of the shelves are made to hold large kitchen utensil, but when I really place those inside, it doesn’t always look very aesthetic.

But my real problem is much less visible, hidden underneath those shelves. It is the little space that is between the bottom shelf and the floor. This space measures 13 cm high, and with the depth of the trolley being 42 cm deep, it is near to impossible to reach the back of the furniture when vacuuming.  I was horrified one day when my son’s toy car rolled into the unreachable corner and came back carrying dust bunnies the size of a ping pong ball with it.

Dust Bunnies Illustration


That really got me into thinking about how this problem has never bothered me before. It is true, several years ago I was still single and free, and if I don’t vacuum under the furniture, no one will crawl underneath and be the dust bunnies-police.

I started inspecting our home for other similar corners that are prone to negligence when vacuuming.  Due to (thanks to) the lack of furniture, this seems to be happening mainly under the FÖRHÖJA for the time being, and just in a few tricky-shaped corners that you need to remove the vacuuming head to clean rather with the vacuum wand (in which case I admit to be quite lazy to do at each cleaning session).


While I looked at our limited amount of furniture, I suddenly had this revelation about the relationship between the height of furniture legs and the ease of vacuuming. I decided to do some graphics to illustrate the results of my little investigation.

Infographic Height of Furniture VS Ease of Vacuuming

The above are just some rough estimations of measurements that are not necessarily exact or precise, you can give or take a few centimetre.


To give you some examples, I would like to apply the above chart to some real-life furnitures that brought me this little enlightenment:


1. The GARY Banquette from Maison du Monde

The Gary Banquette from Maisons du Monde

This couch from Maison du Monde that we scored on a french second-hand website for less than half-price, comes with 25 cm legs. The seats are practically risen off the floor, even with its depth of 90 cm, I could reach the end of the wall effortlessly for vacuuming. It may not be the perfect couch, it has its strengths and weaknesses, but when it comes to maintenance-wise it’s hard to beat. Plus, it makes the couch looks so airy and light, which, by the way, it is.



2. A Bed with 10 cm Legs

Illustration of a bed with 10cm legs

We had this bed before, but I have no photo so I made a drawing of it. The bed frame has legs around 10 cm high, like many of other bed frame legs on the market. Because the whole process of moving it is so heavy and troublesome, we probably clean under the bed every 2 months. How we were in for a shock each time we vacuum underneath. Really? We really slept on top of all those dust bunnies for so long?


Dust Bunnies Illustration


To sum up, I think low furniture legs for big pieces is a design flaw that most designers neglected. Unless maybe you remove the vacuum head and clean only with the wand, you maybe able to reach further underneath.

As for me being someone who is always trying to look for ways to make each task effortless, I am just fully considering each piece of furniture that comes into our home in the future, whether it is time-consuming or not for me to housekeep.


à la vie aujourd’hui,



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