Category: Personal Growth

My One and Only Resolution For 2018

Hi guys, I haven’t updated the blog for a little while which makes me feel lousy because I have so many ideas I wanted to share. In between the end of year celebration, a crazy kid’s schedule and constantly falling ill, time flew by so quickly and we’re in 2018. I don’t do serious resolutions …

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The Science Of Success

My mother went for a job interview once and the final question they asked her was: “What is your definition of success?” I don’t remember what she answered anymore, but I do remember feeling relieved that it wasn’t my interview or else I wouldn’t know what to say at all. Ever since then I have …

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Learn It Like Stanford*: Designing Your Life

My heart beat a little faster when I laid eyes on the title of this book. I took a deep breathe, hit "buy with 1-click" and went on a journey with the best design project I could probably ever take on.

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Hello Procrastinators


Procrastination is not just pure laziness, so you can stop beating yourself up. It is a very common phenomenon that be explained and solved. Let us learn from the brilliant minds who have written on the subject.

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The Great Art of Giving


With the 14th February come and gone, it is safe to conclude that the gifting season is finally over, commerces worldwide will plunge into a brief period of stagnancy as we step into spring. From Thanksgiving till Saint Valentine’s, how much did you spend on buying gifts? The holidays season is joyful, but also brutal …

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Life-Changing Magic


I discovered Marie Kondo about a year ago. Looking back a year later, I feel like her book has worked its little magic on me as well.

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