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How To Fall In Love With Vacuuming For People Who Hates To Vacuum

I always thought I hated vacuuming but I actually don't. Here's my journey in finding the right tool for the task.

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Black Surfaces


This is one of those things that looks super cool on Pinterest and is very à la mode right now, but when you really use it in real life, it is a pain in the ***.

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Life-Changing Magic


I discovered Marie Kondo about a year ago. Looking back a year later, I feel like her book has worked its little magic on me as well.

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Washable Rug: Part.2 – DIY Your Own Version


In the last post, we’ve talked about the idea of washable rug and how hard it is to find them. And as I ended the post stating my doubts about DIY projects that look misleadingly easy and yet painstakingly difficult to accomplish, I would like to start this post by telling you that please, do …

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Washable Rug: Part. 1 – Why is it so hard to find?


The rarity of it is puzzling and a little mystifying. Let’s explore further.

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A Revelation on Dust Bunnies and Furniture Legs

The difficulty of vacuuming under a low leg sofa couch

Revelation is perhaps a big word. But it is a big topic in my heart worthy of discussion.

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