It is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to The name au-jour-de-hui comes from the word Aujourd’hui, which means Today in French. There is also a play of word with my family name, Hui.

As you can see from the site’s tagline: “Practical Ideas To Make Life Easier”, I started this blog in quest of small but life-changing ideas that can help us live better and easier. My mission is to break down life elements, looking at them one at a time to find the best way in designing a comfortable, practical and meaningful life. 

The blog covers areas like interior design, product design and generally lifestyle topics like productivity and organisation, even spiritual/life lessons that help us grow as a human being.

I have always been obsessed with improving the efficiency and practicality of our lifes. Maybe that has something to do with growing up in HongKong where each square metre counts, this quest for practicality has inked deeply in my blood and has intensified since the birth of my son. Parenthood has made me realise that I have simply no time for superficial things anymore. If it’s not functional, it has got to move aside and make way for more down-to-earth things like flat-heels and tote bags. 

Truly great designs should be a perfect balance between functionality and style. There are so many beautiful designs on the market that are amazing to look at, but when you really use it everyday, it is just not practical enough, whereas designs that are convenient and very practical are most of the time aesthetically challenged.

Because the feeling of using the right product at the right moment for the right task is so great, I aim to free my life of non-necessities, focusing on the truly essential products, ideas, or attitudes of life that can empower me to live better and more efficiently.

My inspiration comes from the daily needs of me and my family, which means city life, small-space living, and busy, hectic lifestyles.

I try to write as often as possible, but I find that in order to produce worthy posts, my maximum capacity is to write about 2 to 3 posts per month. I publish around the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month.

If you are like me, passionate about making life better and easier, then this blog is for you. You are also welcome to leave messages about your thoughts or any ideas that you think could be useful to the rest of us. 

The difference between design and art is that art can be your imagination-run-free whereas design has to take into consideration of the user’s convenience. 

Let’s try to blur the line between the two.


à la vie aujourd’hui,

Yanni Hui




Yanni YimYee HUI


Author of, Yanni’s design philosophy revolves around creating a simple and comfortable lifestyle.

She appreciates products that are designed with the user at heart and styled by its functionality. 

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore, she furthered her studies in Paris and graduated from ESMOD (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode) with a Master of Arts in Couture. While starting her career interning for couture houses, she had the pleasure of working with big, magnificent, couture gowns but couldn’t help but felt that something was incoherent with her heart.

She soon ventured on to other fields like graphic design and window display, all the while feeling the weight of the missing element.

Finally, after the birth of her son in 2015, the harsh itineraries of parenthood shed light onto her dormant passion: Designing a lifestyle that is elegant and smart.

Since then, she created, breaking down life elements and looking at them one at a time to find the best way in designing a comfortable, practical and meaningful life. 

She currently resides in the Parisian Region with her family.